What Being a Lawyer Means to Scot Kraeuter

Years ago when Attorney Scot Kraeuter was in Magistrate (Small Claims) Court representing a corporate client, he ran into a person in the hallway outside of court who had been a witness in another prior case. He asked the man why he was in court that day, and the man said that he was getting evicted from his home.

Scot asked him if he had a lawyer, and the man said that he did not. His desired outcome was to “keep me in my home for seven more days and I will be able to move on.”

So, Scot helped him—free of charge. In the end, Scot was able to get that man those crucial seven days. Scot thought that was the end of it, but that wasn’t the case.

Fast forward nine months later. The man called Scot one day out of the blue and said that his sister-in law had been tragically killed in a car wreck and had left behind two lovely young boys. She was a single mother.

Over a number of months, Scot helped the man’s family secure a pre-trial settlement of two million dollars to provide for the boys financially. While he could not bring their mother back, Scot was able to protect them financially.

Why Attorney Scot Kraeuter Wants to Help

Attorney Scot Kraeuter is dedicated to providing his clients with compassionate and personalized legal solutions. Helping people in need is what motivates him to help others who have experienced injury or injustice in their lives.

One of the things that Scot has tried to achieve in over two decades of law practice is to become his clients’ “family retainer.” He wants to be the person that they call whenever they, their family or friends have any type of legal issue or need a lawyer in any way shape or form.

Scot always wants to get the call from his former clients regardless of the type or size of the matter. While the present ad campaign is limited to specific areas of Scot Kraeuter’s personal injury practice (and needs to stay focused on this), he educates his current and former clients that the attorney’s in his firm handle more than just the one particular area of law that they hired Scot for.

In fact, the firm and its’ associated attorneys handle all types of domestic cases, personal injury cases, defective products, real estate closings and property law issues, general litigation, lawsuits against banks and insurance companies etc. In reality there is very little that Scot or his firm cannot handle for the average client given the law firm’s attorneys’ very diverse backgrounds and prior practice areas.

For the very few areas of law that Scot or his fellow attorney’s do not handle, he makes it clear that he can find them an attorney who is very well versed in that niche of the law. Scot’s standards for referrals of his present and former clients to other attorneys is simple: if he won’t send his own Mother to that other lawyer, he will not send his own clients either.

If you have suffered an injury caused by negligence in Georgia, contact Scot Kraeuter Personal Injury Law