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Scot was great, as was his 2nd in command Barbi, and the rest of the firm. I was sure I wanted to get a divorce when I met with Scot but I was apprehensive and completely bewildered about the process. From the first phone call I knew he had my back and I had made the right choice. Both Scot and Barbi were very patient with my questions…clearly he had done this many times but he got that this was new to me and he took the time to make sure I was informed and comfortable with what was happening. One thing I really like is Scot’s confidence…it made ME confident that I had such a bad-a** on my side when going into battle. Scot and his whole firm are professional, knowledgeable, and worth every penny… although I will say it didn’t end up costing as much as it could have because he’s an expert on the law and issues weren’t allowed to become problems. I highly recommend Scot and although I hope to never need him again, I will certainly call if I do.


Having worked with many attorneys, Scot was recommended to me by one who is a friend of mine. Scot has now represented me in my original divorce, in two matters, on to a contempt claim, and now with another motion filed. I have found Scot to be professional, extremely organized, fully knowledgeable of law, excellent research and communication. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” has certainly been true in my case. Barbi is responsive and quick to act when needed. I would highly recommend Scot in every way.


I came to Scot and his firm with a difficult case, and he resolved it fairly quickly. He is knowledgeable, competent, and he and his whole firm treated me with respect. He was not wasteful of my time nor money. I trusted him to give me sound advice at difficult junctures. Because he is good at his job, I felt freed to attend to my life and work, even during a challenging transitional period. I highly recommend Scot Kraeuter of Johnson, Kraeuter, & Dunn.


Scot is an outstanding attorney. I never felt pressured to make a decision. He provided the utmost professional advice and service! I have recommended him to family members.


I met Scot, facing a divorce, filled with unknowns and fears. In our first meeting, he looked at me intently, listening, taking notes. In my confusion, he remained calm, absolutely no judgement. He saw me, watched and read my words and reactions. His plan was forming already, his words clear and direct. It was easy to trust as he promised his dedication, integrity, and experience. And he delivered. His clear explanations formed a picture, easily understood. There was no urgency or force to make any decision. If he sensed any confusion, he stopped and backed up. Just a steady stream of honesty and encouragement; taking no orders from fear, nor allowing threats any airtime. Simply stated, he lives the reality that there is no substitute for experience. With confidence, he walked me through, looking at all parts of my life, lining them up for my future. As in most things, it is no secret you will perform about as well as you train. Scot trains exceptionally well!


By far the best I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Scott helped my family after my mother was killed by an impaired driver. They treated us like family. I would never use any other firm. Thank you for helping my family in our time of need.


Mr Kraeuter is great at his job. I was involved in an auto accident. He talked with me several times giving advice as to what the best things to do would be. He told me more than once he likes people to ask questions. I am so happy with the outcome. His office staff and associates are wonderful. You can send an email and always receive an answer back shortly. I recommend his services to all my friends.


I was terrified of hiring a lawyer after my car wreck, however Scot, Martin, and the entire legal staff gave me a great sense of relief due to their patience, kindness, and explanation of the legal processes. I vividly recall Scot saying, “If you have any questions at all please ask me or call me anytime you need me.” Although I had hoped to never be in a car wreck I am appreciative and grateful to have had Scot Kraeuter as my lawyer, Martin as my paralegal, and his entire legal staff behind me!

Danyelle K.

Scot was very informative.

Renee B.