Common Lies Told by Insurance Companies to Lower Settlement Amounts

Insurance companies, like any other business, are in the business of making money. While the adjuster you just got off the phone with seems like they want nothing but the best for you, the truth is, they are really interested in protecting their company’s profit. Which means they will do whatever is necessary to get you to settle for lower than you deserve.

Understanding some of the common tactics insurance adjusters use to trick their customers into settling lower than they deserve will help ensure you’re able to pursue the maximum possible compensation for your situation.

Some of the most commonly seen tactics insurance companies use include:

  1. Claiming you don’t need an attorney – It’s extremely common for an insurance adjuster to claim that you don’t need an attorney to receive compensation. Adjusters know that if you work with an attorney, you will be pursuing a much larger amount, which is why they try to claim you don’t need one.

  2. Claiming you must give a statement – You have no legal obligation to provide a statement of your accident to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In fact, you should be extremely cautious about what you say to your own insurance company as well. We cannot stress enough that insurance companies are not your friends. The most common trick adjusters use is to ask if you’ve been injured, shortly after your accident. Most people, unless they have lost an arm in the accident, will say no, which can then be used against their case.

  3. Claiming you just need to sign routine paperwork – “Routine paperwork” has become a phrase used by insurance companies in an attempt to pull the wool over their clients’ eyes. Insurance paperwork is some of the most complicated of all legal documents, and should only be signed after being viewed with anexperienced injury attorney. Failing to do so may end with you signing away your rights to pursue compensation for your injuries. Do not sign anything without speaking with an experienced attorney first.

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