How to Stay Safe in Parking Lots: Drivers & Pedestrians

Parking lots are one of the few places that pedestrians are allowed and encouraged to roam among moving vehicles. Unfortunately, many drivers see parking lots as an extension of the store, where they can safely use their phone or participate in other distracting activities, rather than an extension of the road, where they need to be alert and focused at all times.

Together, these factors result in a high risk for accidents that can cause serious injury or even death. Therefore, it’s important that drivers and pedestrians alike do all they can to remain safe while utilizing parking lots of all sizes. Here are a few tips to ensure you make it home in one piece.

Driver Tips

Two characteristics that all drivers in parking lots must possess are alertness and predictability. To remain alert, drivers should avoid the use of any technology once their vehicle is in motion. In some ways, this is almost more important in a parking lot than on the road, as others around you, both drivers and pedestrians, are more likely to be less alert in parking lots than when they’re moving down the road at highway speeds.

When it comes to predictability, every driver must drive at safe speeds, usually five miles-per-hour or less, rather than racing to see how quickly they can get to the parking lot exit. Additionally, in a parking lot with angled parking spaces, it’s important that drivers follow the arrows on the parking lot to ensure they’re not traveling in a direction that’s unexpected by other drivers or by pedestrians. If you’re driving in an alert and predictable manner, you greatly reduce your risk of an accident and help limit your liability should an accident occur.

Pedestrian Tips

Though they’re using two feet instead of four wheels, the best characteristics that a safe pedestrian needs to possess are the same as those a driver needs to possess to keep pedestrians safe: alertness and predictability. Since they’re not driving, it can be especially tempting for pedestrians to be on their phones as they make their way to their cars, especially if they didn’t have a cell signal inside the building they are leaving. Be assured, though, that any calls, texts, or notifications can wait until you’re safely locked in your vehicle.

Additionally, be predictable so that drivers have a better chance of seeing you. Don’t hang out in obvious blind spots, especially if you notice a driver is about to back up. Also, don’t run across pedestrian crosswalks without making eye contact with drivers who have slowed down to allow you to cross. Furthermore, if there are sidewalks in the parking lot, do your best to use them, even if it requires a few more steps to get to your vehicle.

Though parking lots can be quite dangerous, if pedestrians and drivers are acting in an alert and predictable manner, accidents, and injuries can be kept to a minimum, ensuring everyone is able to finish their “to-do” list and get home safely.

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