Liability Is Different from Legality

Just because an action is legal, that doesn’t make it wise. Unfortunately, many people are more concerned with the legality of their actions rather than the liability of their actions. Today, we will show you why liability is essential to consider before making decisions.

Definition of Liability & Legality

Legality is what determines if an act is legally acceptable to perform. In other words, the legality of an act is how the criminal justice system views its criminality. For example, stealing money from someone is legally wrong, but giving money to someone is legally acceptable.

Liability is what determines if someone is legally responsible for causing something to happen. In other words, the liability of an act is how the civil justice system determines fault. For example, if a pedestrian is struck by a driver while walking down the sidewalk, the driver who struck the pedestrian will be liable for the pedestrian’s injuries.

Legality Is Not the Same as Liability

Using a hand-held device while driving is now illegal in most states. Therefore, using a hand-held device while driving can result in criminal penalties and civil lawsuit liability.

Using a hands-free device while driving is legal. However, just because an act is legal, that doesn’t mean it’s free of liability. If someone is driving a car while using a hands-free device and injures others in a car accident, he could be liable for the injuries even though driving while using a hands-free device is legal.

Have You Been the Victim of Negligence?

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