Think You Don’t Need a Personal Injury Attorney? Think Again.

If you’re dealing with the financial and emotional aftermath of a serious accident caused by someone else’s mistake, it may seem a little risky to take the step of hiring a personal injury attorney. You might think that hiring an attorney will slow your claim process down and anger the other person or insurance company. You don’t want to rock the boat, and it’s easy to assume that working nicely with these people will get you the financial settlement or verdict you deserve.

However, the world doesn’t work that fairly and easily—especially when you deal with the aftermath of a serious injury from a work, truck, or car accident. There are a few important reasons why you need to consider hiring an attorney to help you.

  1. Insurance companies may not look after your best interest. While insurance companies must follow the letter of their contracts and provide certain services to you, they are not always on your side—no matter what they say. Insurance companies succeed by making a profit. When insurance companies pay you less money, they make more profit. The insurance company may also react differently when you don’t have a lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to work with insurance companies to maximize the amount of money they pay you.
  2. Big companies have team of lawyers all working against you. Imagine playing football alone against a whole professional team. That can be what it feels like to take on a big company all by yourself. Doesn’t sound promising, right? When large companies refuse to communicate with you, don’t communicate clearly, or battle you head on, your chances of a positive outcome grow slim. An experienced personal injury attorney can jump into battle and go head to head with those big company attorneys.
  3. You need enough money to cover injury expenses today AND tomorrow. Even if you feel that you will receive a good amount of money from an insurance company or other big company, the payment may not cover all your long-term expenses—no matter how tempting it looks. If you take the first offer, you may end up in a tough financial situation later where you can’t pay your bills or home mortgage. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you calculate and get the right amount of money to cover long-term medical and recovery expenses, plus lost wages, and ensure that you have enough income to take care of yourself.

You need an ally on your side to help you battle insurance companies and big business in order to get you the verdict or settlement you deserve. If the cost of an attorney worries you, know that you don’t pay us a dime until we succeed on your behalf. If we don’t get you a verdict or settlement, you don’t pay any fees.

Wondering if you need a personal injury attorney to help you? It never hurts to talk, so contact Scot Kraeuter today for a free consultation.