Can a Passenger Be At Fault For a Car Crash?

If you’ve been in an auto accident caused by another person’s actions, you may believe that the other driver is the only person at fault for your injuries. However, in some instances, a passenger may be responsible for the other person’s poor driving, and you may be able to recover from them for their negligent actions.

A Savannah attorney like Scot Kraeuter can handle all sorts of auto accident claims, and we will investigate every case thoroughly to determine its facts and assess liability. In most cases, auto accidents are due to a driver’s negligence. But sometimes, especially with younger drivers, a passenger may be to blame.

Can a Passenger be Liable for a Car Accident?

When there’s a group in a car, there is more of a chance that the group might engage in high-risk behaviors than if the driver acted alone. If a passenger encourages a driver to do something very dangerous, their actions may make them partly liable for a resulting accident.

While the driver takes primary responsibility, the passenger may bear some blame for his or her actions. A skilled car accident attorney will analyze a case’s facts to determine whether another person may be partially to blame.

It’s About More Than Just Distracted Driving

Having passengers in the car may increase the chances of distracted driving. A screaming child may take a parent’s focus from the road, or an intense conversation may cause a driver to not pay attention. While these situations aren’t likely to lead to a negligence case against a passenger, a person may face liability if they did more than simply distract the driver.

In Conclusion

An experienced Savannah attorney like Scot Kraeuter represents victims who have been injured by negligent and reckless drivers (and passengers.) Our firm will fight aggressively to protect your legal rights and to help ensure that you get the settlement you deserve for your financial and non-monetary losses. Call today or visit us online to schedule a no-obligation consultation where you’ll find out how we can help you make a fair recovery after a passenger-related auto accident.