A Smartphone Is Your Swiss Army Knife After a Car Accident

Swiss Army knives famously come in handy because of the many tools found in just one pocketknife. Smartphones work the same way after a car accident. Obviously, you can use your smartphone to call 911, your insurance company, a family member or friend, or your attorney. But these cell phones feature a variety of other useful tools that can significantly help you after a car accident.

Cameras to Take Photos and Videos

After an accident, your phone’s camera can help document any damage or injuries. In fact, most insurance companies and attorneys are now used to looking at smartphone photos that you take immediately after an accident. This tool is essential. Take photos of the license plate numbers of any other cars involved in the accident. You can even take video if you want to capture the scene of the accident—the location, the other drivers, the surroundings, and any witnesses.

Texting and Email to Capture and Send Important Details to Yourself

A lot of details are exchanged between drivers after a car accident such as contact info, vehicle makes and models, and insurance information. You’ll also need to collect information about witnesses. An easy way to capture and find the information later is to text or email yourself the information. You can also have other drivers and witnesses call your number so that you can immediately add their contact information to your phone’s address book.

Voice Recorder to Capture Important Details

Not many people think to use their phone’s voice recorder. After an accident, there are a lot of details you will see and then forget. While details are fresh in your mind and you’re on the scene to observe everything, use your voice recorder to capture any information that may help you later in a personal injury case. Note where you are, what happened, what kind of damage your vehicles sustained, who is there, what the cars look like, and any other information that you think may be useful later.

Search Engine to Quickly Look Up Important Information

When a car accident occurs, people are often woefully unprepared. Use Google or another search engine to look up tow truck companies, the number of your insurance company, an attorney’s contact information, or anything else you need to know on the spot.

Translating App in Case Your Driver Speaks Another Language

It may be uncommon, but occasionally a car accident will involve another person who cannot speak English. Luckily, you likely have translating apps on your phone (such as Google Translate) that can help you communicate with another person if they don’t understand what you’re saying. As long as you both can identify the right language, you’ll be able to roughly communicate using your phone’s app. Remember, don’t admit fault while you’re communicating.

Flashlight App During Accidents at Night

You may not have enough light at night if you’re in an accident far from city or neighborhood lights. Many phones come with a flashlight app or are even bright enough to serve as a flashlight through the screen. Using your phone as a flashlight can help you look at vehicle damage, write down contact information, or look at someone’s insurance card.

As you can see, your phone can help you in many ways after a car accident. Remember, carry your cell phone with you but don’t talk or text while driving. Like a Swiss Army knife, you want to use your smartphone when needed. The tips above should give you more ideas about how to use that thing you carry around all of the time without realizing its full power.

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